Pågående doktorgradsstudier:

  • "Risk assessment and HbA1c-measurement in community pharmacies in Norway to identify persons with 2 diabetes", Aslaug Johanne Risøy, Noklus/Universitetet i Bergen.

Avlagte doktorgrader:

  • MSc. Pharm. Lillan Mo Andreassen, Phd 2019: "Diabetes in care homes. Special emphasis on medicines and blood glucose measurements”.
  • Cand. scient. Thomas Røraas, Phd 2017: "Estimating Biological Variation: Methodological and Statistical Aspects”.
  • Cand. med. Siri Carlsen, Phd 2016: "The use of HbA1c as quality indicator in diabetes care - analytical and clinical aspects". Noklus/The Norwegian Diabetes Register for Adults.
  • Cand. san. Anne Vegard Stavelin, Phd 2013 "Analytical quality control of INR measurements in primary care".
  • Cand. med. Ann-Helen Kristoffersen, Phd 2013 "Aspects of the use and interpretation of INR and D-dimer in primary and secondary care. Discussed in relation to different phases in laboratory medicine".
  • Cand. med. Aasne Karine Aarsand, PhD 2012 "Diagnosing and monitoring the porphyrias; with special emphasis on how to differentiate sporadic and familial porphyria cutanea tarda, interpret changes in urinary porphobilinogen in acute intermittent porphyria and on the performance of porphyria specialist laboratories".
  • Cand. med. Kristin Moberg Aakre, PhD 2011 "Use and Interpretation of Urine Albumin and estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate in Primary Health Care".
  • Cand. pharm. Reidun LS Kjome, PhD 2010 "Diabetes Care in the Community Pharmacy-Focus on Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose".
  • Cand. polit. Siri Fauli Munkerud, PhD 2009 "Decision making in general practice. The use of laboratory analyses from a health economics perspective".
  • Cand. san. Gunn BB Kristensen, PhD 2008 "Self monitoring of blood glucose; aspects of analytical quality".
  • Cand. med. Svein Skeie, dr. med. i 2002 "Aspects of quality in diabetes care with emphasis on blood glucose and HbA1c".
  • Cand. med. Geir Thue, dr. med. i 1995 "The office laboratory. A study related to near patient testing in general practice and occupational health care".
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