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SKUP - Scandinavian evaluation of laboratory equipment for point of care testing
SKUP is a Scandinavian collaborative partnership for the evaluation of near-patient laboratory equipment. A SKUP evaluation provides objective information about the analytical quality and user-friendliness of such equipment.

Selection of appropriate laboratory equipment
It is an important factor in securing acceptable analytical quality that appropriate laboratory equipment is being used. For users to be able to choose good and appropriate laboratory equipment, it is essential that they have access to simple, concise and neutral information regarding analytical quality and user-friendliness.

The aim of SKUP
SKUP seeks to improve the quality of near-patient testing in Scandinavia by providing objective and supplier-independent information about the analytical quality and user-friendliness of laboratory equipment. This information is generated by conducting SKUP evaluations.

SKUP evaluations
SKUP evaluations are conducted under optimal conditions in hospital laboratories in addition to a part performed by the intended users. Evaluations are commissioned by the manufacturer or supplier of the equipment. SKUP compiles a report and writes a short summary for each evaluation performed. The applicant has no influence on the conclusions drawn, but may attach a comment to the report. SKUP evaluation results are published and are made available on

Pre-marketing evaluations provide suppliers with useful information as they consider whether or not to launch new equipment. The results of a pre-marketing evaluation are confidential, but will be published if the equipment is marketed in Scandinavia. A decision not to launch equipment on the Scandinavian market may be based on a failure to fulfil the required analytical quality standards or on a finding that the equipment is unsuitable for other reasons. Consequently SKUP promotes that unsuitable laboratory equipment is not marketed in Scandinavia.

Based on a previous SKUP evaluation, SKUP offers supplementary evaluations of product modifications and new models. SKUP evaluations can also be organised with focus on a special question or issue.

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