Master's degrees

  • Berit Oddny Riksheim, 2016. Analysis of urine albumin: a comparative study of fresh and frozen control materials.
  • Wenche Sletbakk Vie, 2016. An evaluation of control materials used for the external quality assessment of blood glucose.
  • Gro Gidske, 2016. Haemolysis – a major challenge for laboratories when analysing patient samples.
  • Wenche Iren Bjelkarøy, 2013. Have the laboratory routines and laboratory quality in Norwegian nursing homes changed? Have the training and follow-up initiated by Noklus as part of the Care Plan 2015 been useful?
  • Karianne Fjell Løvaas, 2013. Data collection for the Norwegian Diabetes Register for Adults by distributing questionnaires to people with diabetes.
  • Elisabeth Løkkebø, 2011. Safe anticoagulation treatment: self-monitoring of warfarin treatment made available to patients in Norway.
  • Kari Nerhus, 2010. The effect of ambient temperature on analytical performance of self-monitoring blood glucose systems. 
  • Camilla Eide Jacobsen, 2009. A model for the evaluation of continuous glucose monitoring systems. Evaluation of Guardian REAL-Time.
  • Anne Elisabeth Solsvik, 2009. Post-analytical quality control in haematology. How is the information from different haematology systems being used?
  • Anne Vegard Stavelin, 2007. Prothrombin time measurements in primary health care – assessment of analytical quality and evaluation of two quality control systems by computer simulations.
  • Siri Fauli Munkerud, 2000. An analysis of the accessibility and use of a laboratory analysis in primary health care.
  • Gunn Kristensen, 2000. The distribution of external quality assessments material to diabetes patients.
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