Research and development

Research and development form important parts of the work carried out at Noklus. Noklus has built a sound international reputation for its research on patient-near analysis and laboratory testing in primary health care. 

Noklus has produced elleven doctoral dissertations and twelve master's theses, as well as over 100 articles published in peer-reviewed international journals. The titles of these dissertations and publications reflect the areas in which Noklus conducts research. You will find a full list in the menu to your left.

Noklus' main fields of research are:

  • Patient-near analysis in primary health care
  • External Quality Assessment
  • Pre- and post-analytical quality assurance
  • Anticoagulant treatment / INR self-management
  • Self-monitoring of blood glucose levels
  • Diabetes Register research
  • Biological variation / analytical performance specifications
  • Health economy and the use of laboratory tests

Noklus also contributes to national and international work groups and a number of EU projects. As of June 2016 the staff at Noklus includes three postgraduate students, one graduate student, one professor emeritus, two professors and an associate professor.

Are you interested in conducting research within the Noklus fields of expertise?
Please contact Sverre Sandberg ( to find out about the opportunities available. It is not a requirement that you live in Bergen.



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