Training and advice

Noklus laboratory consultants organise training courses and provide guidance and advice for scheme participants.

The laboratory consultants are experienced biomedical engineers employed by local health enterprises. They provide laboratory guidance through visits to the scheme participants' premises and by being available for telephone or email consultations. They also provide a follow-up service with respect to the scheme participants' external quality assessment results. 

Our laboratory consultants organise courses for scheme participants and provide on-site training at the participants premises. The consultants work in partnership with medical specialists employed by the same local health enterprise.

Noklus scheme participants may contact their local laboratory consultants in order to:

  • seek advice regarding the purchase of new instruments
  • discuss sampling and analyses
  • discuss the outcomes of external quality assessments ("Noklus assessments")
  • seek advice when setting up robust analytic quality assessment procedures
  • seek troubleshooting assistance when dealing with analysis problems

Every year, Noklus organises laboratory training courses for thousands of health workers, thus making Noklus one of the most prolific course providers for medical personnel in Norway. Courses vary in size and duration and are always customised to meet the needs of the relevant target group. Courses may be held locally in the workplace, or centrally for the benefit of more than one employer. Subject-specific courses are also provided, as well as credit courses for doctors.

Noklus offers distance learning courses in laboratory work to most of the scheme's participants. These courses cover topics such as blood and urine sampling, pre-analytical error sources, test treatment and quality assurance work.

Noklus offers sampling, test treatment and analysis guidance to scheme participants, provided through site visits, courses, on-the-job training and telephone and email consultations. The guidance offered includes assistance with the implementation of monitoring and documentation procedures to ensure that analyses carried out on the scheme participants' premises are of a high quality.

Noklus has drawn up procedures for all laboratory work conducted outside of hospital. These cover pre-analysis, specific analysis procedures and analytical quality assessment. The procedures are available to all Noklus scheme participants. They are drawn up and updated by our laboratory consultants.



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